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Women Led Wednesday



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500 Brands Come Together for 4th Annual Women-Led Wednesday

Did you know that as recently as 2020 there were more S&P 500 CEOs named John or Michael than women of any name? In addition, millions of women have been forced to leave the workforce creating an even larger disparity. This is why we’re encouraging you to shop women-led on November 24, 2021 (and the other 364 days a year).

Women-Led Wednesday is a nationwide campaign designed to encourage consumers to support women-led brands during the holiday shopping season and beyond. This is the fourth annual Women-Led Wednesday in a continuing effort to support women brand leaders, entrepreneurs, and those in leadership positions.

To learn more about how you can join in and support women-led brands, head on over to @womenledwednesday. 

#WomenLedWednesday #ShopWomenLed

More Than Just One Day A Year


Crescent Sock Company is a family owned sock mill that has been making socks here in Niota, Tennessee since 1902.

Today, not only are we owned and operated by the 4th generation of the Burn Family, we are also a certified WBENC Women Owned Business!

Both Cathy Allen-CEO and Sandra Boyd-EVP are part of the Burn Family legacy.

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Crescent Sock Co. Owners
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